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Mary Kay has done it again.  Check out the recently launched Spring Collection that includes the introduction of the NEW Satin Body Collection of bath and body products enriched with shea butter, and the game-changing Essential Makeup Brush Collection to help you get pro-like results.

The fibi & clo Spring 2018 Collection just launched!! Come see how beautiful these sandals are!

Hey There — Welcome to my site! 😃

I’m Kimily Johnson, and I’m glad you are here!

I’m a wife, mother, and technology professional who has a serious addiction to makeup, fashion, accessories, and good but healthy food!

My passion is to help women embrace their TRUE BEAUTY by providing access to and information on beautiful and affordable skin care, makeup, fashion, and accessories, while being reminded that a healthy lifestyle is the foundation to being your best you.

I specialize in the Highest Quality at the Most Affordable Price, helping my clients and followers though my affiliations with companies that I PERSONALLY trust.

You will find my affiliations on the My Favorite Things page and in the Footer of this site.  Also check out my BLOG where I do product reviews, demonstrations, and talk about random things that are on my mind. LOL

Come explore with me, and remember to always BE YOU.

❤ Kimily ❤

“Steal Their Style” and My Favorite Looks at ShopStyle Collective

“I don’t need any more shoes”, says no woman!  Check out my fibi & clo boutique.

When only the best skin care will do, go with Mary Kay!

Yes, you can remove your makeup with JUST WARM WATER, NO CHEMICALS, using The Original MakeUp Eraser!

OMGosh…Watch as Drag Queens Remove their Makeup with The Original MakeUp Eraser!

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