UPDATED JUNE 22th, 2016:

I reached my June 15th goal, and am now saying THANK YOU with a 20% off sale on everything on my website and in my inventory!

The sale ends at midnight CT on June 30th!

All rules from the original post still apply.  Happy Shopping!



Hey — Guess what?!?  I have some GREAT NEWS for you.

June 15 marks the end of the Mary Kay fiscal year.  We call it the Seminar Year.

I’m reducing my inventory so I can refresh for the new year!!

You are so lucky because you get to benefit from my Inventory Blowout Sale.  The sale starts Monday, May 30th and ends Wednesday, June 15th, 2016.

PLEASE NOTE: This sale is for my customers only, or anyone without a Mary Kay beauty consultant who wants to become my customer.  Existing customers, check our private Facebook group and your email for the details.  Everyone else, after you register as a new customer, I will send you the password to the sale.


  • Click here to register as a New Customer,
  • Click here to access the Sale information.



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