Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! #FlatOutofHeels

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I love supporting innovative products ESPECIALLY those created by women! Flat Out Of Heels, LLC is the creator of the “Flat Out” rollable flat and is the subject of this article. Allow me to share a few facts about this brand.

  • These rollable flats can be discretely carried for emergencies or worn all day for stylish, durable comfort.
  • Flat Outs roll and fold and can be inserted into your bag flat as they only weigh 2 ounces each.
  • Flat Outs are the ONLY brand with durable hard soles that can be worn all day on the streets, don’t have to worry about rocks/glass/etc.
  • Flat Outs are the ONLY brand that offer sizes over a 10 U.S. The rollable flats come in sizes 4-14 in size ranges from Small to XXL, so they have a shoe to fit everyone.
  • Flat Outs are the ONLY brand that are machine washable so can be used multiple times and last long, unlike the competitors.

The average woman can last 3 hours in heels, 78% of women have reported walking barefoot due to the pain of high heels.

As a Mary Kay beauty consultant, I try to wear heels to my appointments, because they look professional.  But, I don’t mind pulling out the Flat Outs when my feet start to fail me!  They are stylish, durable, and comfortable. PLUS each pair comes with a bag to carry my heels once they are removed!!

If you wear high heels commuting to/from work, during work/meetings/conferences, or during a night out on the town or at special social events, give Flat Outs a try and let me know what you think!


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