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Product Review: Mary Kay TimeWise® Tone-Correcting Serum

Mary Kay just released their TimeWise® Tone-Correcting Serum, claiming to “significantly improve skin brightness and the look of dark spots.”  This product replaces 2 other products in the Mary Kay skin care line, the TimeWise® Even Complexion Dark Spot Reducer and the TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence.

Now, I’m a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, but I also like to try products to be able to fully endorse them to my customers.  I think you would agree that a personal testimony from your consultant carries more weight than other testimonies or vanilla marketing materials.

Well, after using this product on a scar I’M SOLD!

I had neck surgery 2 years ago, and the doctor tried to prescribe a medication that would help fade the scar.  The prescription would have costed me $100+, because it wasn’t covered by my insurance.  So, I chose to pass.

Here are my before and after pictures of the scar, after just 3 weeks of use.  I can hardly see the scar anymore.

After 3 Weeks








Can you see the difference?  Like I said, I’m sold.  Especially for just $45!

Watch this video that desribes the science behind this new product. –> BRIGHTEN UP! NEW TimeWise® Tone-Correcting Serum

Check out this product flier below, then contact me or your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to discuss your specific needs!


Talk soon,




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