Treatment for Dark Circles and More

I have a client who asked me to research what she could do to help with the dark circles under her eyes.

The eye cream she’s been using has helped a lot, and she uses a concealer for coverage. But she didn’t want to have to wear makeup all the time. So, I started my research.

First, know that dark circles are not caused by lack of sleep alone, though it can be a contributor. Dark circles are often times caused by some injury or trauma in the area or are hereditary. You may have noticed that dark circles are prevalent in some ethnicities. Stress, lack of hydration, smoking, and lack of a proper diet can also cause dark circles.

In my research, I found that the blood vessels under the eyes need to be constricted to increases blood flow and to aid the healing process. This blood flow, along with the right skin care products, can help fade dark spots faster!

Using ICE (yes, the stuff we use in our margaritas 😀) can help increase the blood flow. Think about it — we use ice therapy for injuries and to prevent soreness. It makes perfect sense to use ice anywhere we need to heal.

You can grab a cube of ice from the freezer and rub it under your eyes, but that can be very messy. Using a ice roller is so much better.

The rolling head of the roller usually contains water and gel that freezes or gets very cold when places in a refrigerator or freeze. The roller is easily to use because it easily glides along the face.

Ice rollers have been around for several years and are often used by professional aestheticians. But you can buy one yourself and perform your own home treatment.

I found professional grade ice rollers for upwards of $70! But why on earth would you pay that much?!?

Here is the Ice’d Roller by Pozz’d for just $35!

You may find them cheaper than $35, but they will likely have a plastic rolling head instead of one made of stainless steel, and the plastic may not glide as well.

There are many more benefits to using an ice roller in your skin care routine. An ice roller can help to:

  • Reduce pimples and inflammation
  • Soothe sunburns
  • Relieve puffy eyes
  • Reduce and delay the appearance of wrinkles — did somebody say “WRINKLES”?!?
  • Reduce oiliness of skin
  • Soothe skin and decrease inflammation after chemical peels, cosmetic procedures, laser, derma planing and derma rolling.

I hope your found this information helpful. Let me know what you think and any results you’ve have from using ice in your skin care routine!


Kimily ❤️

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