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I know I have a problem with Shoes

Ok, yes, I know…If you are like me, you need another pair of shoes like you need a whole in your head!  But, in our defense, shoes and jewelry can MAKE or BREAK an outfit.

You can have on an expensive pair of jeans and a high-end plain white t-shirt, but people will remember the handbag, the bling, and the SHOES you are wearing when you walk through the door.

My latest buy are these mesh suede booties by designers Scarchi. I bought them from Maxberry.

I was searching for something unique and this site popped up. What caught my attention was the site’s tag line “Be unique. Be you”. It was love at first site.

As I read on, I found that Maxberry is a platform for emerging designers from all over the world. Again, I was intrigued because I hate it when I see someone else wearing something that I own!

My booties are very well made and comfortable. My package also came with a little compact mirror which was a cute surprise. I am very pleased, and I recommend you check out Maxberry. Here are some tips:

  1. Your item could come from anywhere in the world. My booties came from China, on a slow boat! For me, it took about 12 days from order to deliver. It arrived via DHL and someone had to sign for it. The box was torn and re-taped with a note that U.S. customs had inspected it. You can make arrangements with DHL to not require a signature, just be prepared to do so. Expedited shipping is available but I’d still order in plenty of time if you are wanting something for a specific event.
  2. You can get 20% off your first order. So be sure to add your email address in the pop-up and check your email for the promo code. My booties were $96, but I paid only $72 total with the 20% discount and shipping was FREE!
  3. If something you like is available today, it may not be available tomorrow. The inventory turns over often.
  4. Take a close look at the return and exchange policy. You will have to pay the shipping cost on returns. With items coming internationally, this could be pricy.

I think that’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping!!

My gift from Maxberry, a little mirror with case 🙂

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