Oh My July! Color Street has done it again…

Wow!  Color Street had done it again.  Call me or your Color Street Stylist and book a party TODAY!!

All qualified* Nail Bar Parties submitted during the month of July will receive TWO (2) free sets of Going Bandanas, a summery red, white, and blue Host exclusive shade, in addition to the regular host rewards that are based on the total party sales.

* A qualify Nail Bar must have $150+ in sales and 3+ customer orders.


It’s easy to get $150 in orders.  With you and 2 friends, each placing an order of $50 each, it’s DONE.  Or do…

  • an in-home party
  • a Facebook party
  • a lunch-time party with co-workers
  • a basket/bag party
  • a catalog party.

There are so many ways to do a party and earn free nail sets.  Just ask your stylist.


Did you see the “Raise Your Voice” nail strip that was launched?

Through the month of July, $2 from the sale of “Raise Your Voice” will support both RAINN and PAVE in their efforts to raise awareness for sexual assault, educate the public about prevention and intervention, and support survivors.

The goal is to raise $100,000 to benefit these two amazing organizations.



If you’ve every thought about joining Color Street, contact your stylist to find out about the New Stylist Promotion.


Do take a look at these amazing opportunities.  Call, text, message me or your stylist today and have a chat!



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