New Year, New Color Street Opportunities

Forbes Magazine once wrote: “The best time to join a company is in the midst of global expansion and when new products launch.”

Well, both of these things are on the way at Color Street! We are currently offered only in the U.S. but Canada is on the way in 2020.  AND the 2020 Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Spring/Summer collections are on the horizon in the coming weeks.

To add to the excitement, on January 1st, the company announced an amazing new program that runs January – June, 2020. This program could have you taking home some series extra money on top of the money you make working your business.

If you have ever thought about doing Color Street NOW is the time to join and start working this program!

Let me break it down for a New Stylist. If you enroll, sell $1000 and add two team members, you:

get $50 product credit
earn at least $100 cash bonus
earn the Circle of Excellence bracelet
AND you get weekly rebates equaling AT LEAST $250
PLUS you earn a monthly percentage of AT LEAST 3%

That’s a lot for launching your business now!  If any of these numbers concerns you, don’t worry.  My team and I have systems ready to help you maximize this opportunity. We all win together!

Who is seriously thinking about this business? Let’s talks…this opportunity is too good to pass up.

Kimily (

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