The Original Make Up Eraser

When I found The Original MakeUp Eraser, I wondered where it has been all my life.  In the past, I used creams, oils, and wipes to remove my makeup before using my facial cleanser.  But this remarkable cloth removes makeup with WATER ALONE!  This includes waterproof eyeliner and mascara, HD makeup and much more. The best part is…it’s reusable. Throw it in the wash and no stains remain.

The MakeUp Eraser will last up to 1,000 washes.  With it’s hand-sewn sateen edge that’s plush and soft to the touch, treat yourself to a spa at home every day, while saving money!  100% Polyester.

AND…With this cloth,  I don’t waste my precious ant-aging cleanser on removing my makeup.  IKR.


Click this picture to view the video from “The Doctors” – Miracle Makeup Remover Put to the Test! (4:11)


For everyday use, I suggest your buy at least 2 MakeUp Erasers: One to use and one to wash.


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Original MakeUp Eraser (Pink, Black, Red, White, Purple, Light Blue)   —  $20.00

A reusable, ultra-soft makeup remover cloth that erases makeup with only warm water.


Mini MakeUp Eraser (Pink and Black) —  $12.00

Wherever you’re going the Mini MakeUp Eraser is the perfect travel companion. Throw the mini in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase and have a makeup remover that is so compact you can take it anywhere. Size: 6″ x 3″


Mini MakeUp Eraser 4 Pack (Pink and Black) — $40.00

This 4 pack Mini MakeUp Eraser set comes with 4 pink or 4 black cloths.  They will make great gifts and stocking stuffers.


Mini MakeUp Eraser 3 Pack – Melon Set — $28.00

This 3 pack Mini MakeUp Eraser set comes with one pink, one green, and one yellow cloth.



Mini MakeUp Eraser 3 Pack – Sweet Dreams Set — $28.00

This 3 pack Mini MakeUp Eraser set comes with one light pink, one white, and one light blue cloth.


MakeUp Eraser Glove – 2 Pack — $30.00 

The MakeUp Eraser Glove comes with two gloves. This sleek design was made to clean your makeup brushes with no chemicals. Simply add water and remove all the makeup and residue from your brushes. Most importantly the Makeup Eraser Glove will condition your brushes and leave them in better shape then when you bought them.


MakeUp Eraser Pro with Carrying Case — $25.00

The MakeUp Eraser Pro was built for the makeup artist, and heavy makeup wearers. Built with a pocket mitt on both sides. The design will allow you to really deep clean your face and completely remove all your makeup.  Don’t worry even if you’re not a pro, this Makeup Eraser will remove it all. Comes with a free MakeUp Eraser carrying case.


MakeUp Eraser Jumbo — $40.00

This Makeup Eraser Jumbo is the specialist Makeup Eraser of all.  Built from the size of the very first makeup eraser. Large, yep like 5 times the size of The Original!  Do you like to remove your makeup in the shower?  If so, just drape this little (Ok big) baby over your shower and use for the next three weeks before you throw it in the wash.

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