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What do you know about collagen?

So, what do you know about collagen? FAIR WARNING – This is a long post. So, grab your favorite beverage and jump in! In December 2020, this product and business opportunity came to my attention, and I just shrugged it off.  After all, I had other things going on, not to mention a looming hip… Continue reading What do you know about collagen?

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Living cleaner, leaner and healthier!

If you hadn’t heard, I'm recovering from a Total Hip Replacement that I had in early April, 2021. Along with my loving and supportive family, I'm so thankful for the friends, doctors and physical therapist that God has placed in my path to aid in my recovery. Going through this process has helped me realize… Continue reading Living cleaner, leaner and healthier!

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Live: The Summer Pop Collection!

Hello, Summer Pop!!  Color Street's Summer Pop collection is here and ready to turn up the brightness! Bring the summer vibe to your fingertips with bold new shades and playful nail art! Swiss and Tell is the highly requested white you've been asking for; Nevada Neon is a hot pink dream; and Electric City is a high voltage yellow. Mix and… Continue reading Live: The Summer Pop Collection!