Nail Party Hosting Guide

Hey there, Host with the Most!

This guide is for the amazing ladies and gents who’ve blessed me by hosting a Color Street nail party! 

I’m SO excited to kick off your online nail bar!! Are you ready? Let’s do this! I’ve prepared this quick guide to help make sure we can make your party a success! These tips will help answer a lot of questions you may have, and give you some ideas for how you can be involved to rack up your rewards! Sound good? Awesome!

First things first: Let’s set a goal for your event! Our rewards program is AMAZING & I want to help you reach your goal! *In order for your party to qualify you need 3 unique orders totaling at least $150, so that will be our minimum goal! Scroll down to the end of this guide to view the Rewards you can earn!

Once your Facebook group is created, I will add you to it – This is your green light to start inviting your friends!

I have ONE RULE, and it’s super important: Please DO NOT mass add your friends!

We want to have your friend’s experience with you be a positive one! We’ve all been added to groups without our permission – it’s no fun. Our goal is to make it personal so your friends feel special and valued.

Also, when we mass add friends it hurts the Facebook algorithm. Basically, if there’s a bunch of people in the group but only a small percentage actually want to be there, you’ll have a low engagement rate. As a result, Facebook will think it’s a lame party and not show as many posts to your friends. Whomp, whomp…

In summary, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! 9 out of 10 people engaging (90% engagement rate) is SO much better than 10 out of 100 engaging! (10% engagement rate)

So here’s what we recommend: Personally invite your friends via messenger using the group link URL that I will give you.

Here are a few tips for getting people interested in your online nail bar:

  1. Post a nailfie sharing a few reasons why you love Color Street. DO NOT mention that you are having a party (yet)! This is simply to get people intrigued and asking questions. Personally message anyone who reacts or comments on your post and privately tell them you are having a party, then send them the link to your group so they can join.
  2. GO LIVE and change your nails!! People LOVE watching videos and remember how mind-blown you were the first time you applied Color Street? Show your friends how easy it is and why you love it! Just like with your post, personally invite anyone who shows interest to your party via messenger.
  3. Once you’ve done 1 or both of the above, now it’s time to announce you are having an online party! Share a variety of awesome nailfies (if you need some photos, just ask and I’ll send you some) and have your friends comment ‘NAIL ME’ if they want an invite! Message the group link to anyone who wants in

Once your friends are in the group…

Tag them on the announcement post! This will have info on how they can request a sample & order. It can be something as simple as “Welcome _____, so excited you’re here! You can request a free sample if you’d like, it’s what got me hooked!” Samples are key to getting orders!!

The BEST thing you can do for your party? Stay engaged and participate!

  • Comment on every post (your friends are more likely to see my posts when you comment, because they are Facebook friends with YOU and not me)
  • The more YOU share and post the better, because you have WAY more influence with your friends than I do (I’m just a stranger to them)
  • Go live & do a demo in your nail bar right away! I recommend doing this at night (which is when most people are on social media). Again… if they see that YOU can do this (rather than a stranger who does it for a living), they’ll have faith they can do it too. Let me know if and when you plan to go live so I can schedule posts around it!
  • Tag friends in photos/posts that you think they’ll love/are relevant to them
  • Encourage your friends to host their own nail bar! If they book from your party (and their party qualifies) you’ll earn an additional $25 in product credit!!

Most importantly…. HAVE FUN!

I’ll be in touch but feel free to holla if you have any questions!

xo, Kimily