Soapy Bliss

OMGosh!!  Who couldn’t use a little pampering every now and then.  Let me introduce you to the Soapy Bliss line of products from MUE Lifestyles.

Bathtub Candy!  Candy for your body! The Bathtub Candies are sweet, little indulgent bath melts. Each piece of candy is handcrafted with the finest, freshest cocoa butter and vitamin E available! To use simply drop a piece in your tub, let the candy melt and fizz while infusing your tub with delicious aroma and sweet candy goodness! Add a glass of wine, and well….paradise!

Cupcake Bath Bomb! Speaking of paradise… The Cupcake Bath Bombs have all the sweetness of a cupcake with no guilt!  To use, simply tear off the cupcake liner, drop in the tub and indulge!  The “Cake” fizzes and bubbles with mango butter, avocado oil, and decadently sweet aroma! These little babies are yummy and addictive! You can use the frosting as a sugar scrub for your tootsies or simply let it melt away while further infusing your bath with the delicious aroma. Yummy….

Sugar Scrub!  When the shower is your norm, the Sugar Scrub is a must have. The deliciously whipped Sugar Scrub will have your skin feeling perfectly smooth and polished! This brand new recipe turns into a creamy lotion when combined with water. No more oily mess!  Pinch a small amount of scrub into your hand. Apply directly to the body and exfoliate in a circular motion. Let the scrub sink into your skin for 2-5 minutes for maximum results. Rinse of thoroughly and enjoy perfectly polished skin! Can you imagine this for your feet?  Ahhh….


Body Butter!  After your bath or shower, this deliciously whipped Body Butter will lock in moisture and make your skin feel amazingly renewed and hydrated! The brand new forward-thinking recipe made with organic butters and oils will fast become your favorite go-to moisturizer.  Liberally rub this delicious body butter all over your skin. The organic butters and oils will make your skin feel amazingly renewed and hydrated.


 Truffle Buffer!  You may need help to combat extra dry skin. These Truffle Buffers eliminate dry skin immediately! They are packed full of nourishing shea & cocoa butters, ground adzuki beans, and rice to gently slough off dry skin, while the butters quickly absorb to soften and hydrate.  Simply massage our truffle bar all over wet skin (but not your face), rinse the exfoliating bits off and pat dry. Your skin has never been softer!

Are you now addicted?  With scents like Kiwi Lime, Watermelon White Rose, Pink Champagne, Vanilla & Honey… all I can say is “Wow!”  Get 2 or 3 items, and enjoy life!