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Live: The Summer Pop Collection!

Hello, Summer Pop!! 

Color Street’s Summer Pop collection is here and ready to turn up the brightness!

Bring the summer vibe to your fingertips with bold new shades and playful nail art! Swiss and Tell is the highly requested white you’ve been asking for; Nevada Neon is a hot pink dream; and Electric City is a high voltage yellow. Mix and match those summery shades with three new designs: Mind Over Splatter, a multicolored paint spatter look; Love Ya Bunches, with pink, yellow, and blue pop art blooms; and Oh My Stars, a cosmic glow-in-the-dark pattern!

Please note: the two new neon shades, Nevada Neon and Electric City, come with protective inserts in the packaging window to make sure they stay their best and brightest before you wear them. For best results, keep your neon shades in the original packaging with the protective inserts until you’re ready to use.

Swiss & Tell
Electric City
Mind Over Splatter
Love Ya Bunches
Oh My Stars

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